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Biological Eyes vs. Mechanical Lens  - The war will continue...

Cameras are like pens, it’s the hands that hold them that really matter and I may not do too well with Shakespeare's pen. There are times when I return from trips crestfallen that I haven't got a great capture, but then there are also times when I return home a happy fisherman with a good photo catch / cache.

The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera. ~W. Eugene Smith


More often than not our eyes will win as a photographer simply cannot do justice to the many views that he sees with his eye. He can only attempt to capture the glory of what he has seen with the mechanical lens.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ~Ansel Adams

That’s so very true, there are just no rules, and the rules are created by the photographer with the magic wand in this case the camera.
I still have miles to shoot before I aspire to any level of mastery. However it is a wonderful hobby that I am sure will continue to delight me in the years to come.

May you have the luck of capturing great photographs.

Getty Images Contributor
National Geographic Stock Contributor

Equipment I use: Canon S3 IS Camera, Canon TC-DC58B Tele Converter Lens, SONIA 4 Piece macro lens kit, Tripod.

2011: Canon 7D, Canon 28-135 Lens, Canon 100 L macro lens, Canon 50 mm, Canon 10-22, Tiffen Polarizer, accessories

Awards and Special Mentions:

Cloud of the Month – Cloud Appreciation Society USA – here

Vine Snake Shot in Agumbe Appeared in National Geographic Daily Dozen Section January 3rd Week 2011 – here.

Photography Article in Furs Fins & Feather January 2011 Edition – here.

Special Mention National Award winner in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year ABN AMRO - Sanctuary Asia – 2007 for this photograph.

Getty Images Contributor.

A photograph for the schmap Bath Spa Guide - Circus, Bath Spa, UK

Best Travel Photography Award @ Travel & Transportation Osmosis Stall MindTree – 2008 for this photograph.

This picture was selected in the Best Picture Collection for Osmosis 2009 - 2010 in MindTree.

14 pictures from Hesarghatta collection are to be framed along with my Signature within MindTree.

This picture was the photo of the week for two consecutive weeks in the MindTree Photography club.

1 picture was displayed in an exhibition in Dakshina Chitra Chennai.

4 Pictures are hung in the staircase hall of fame in MindTree, Bangalore.

Contributed few pictures to a Srilankan based travel magazine.

Courses / Classes Attended

Herpetology Workshop and Naturalist Camp by Gerry Martin – 2011

The Wild Beyond – A Conservation Camp by Vanamitra - 2011

The Wildlife and Conservation Photographic Expedition by Kalyan Varma - 2010

Photo Journalism - Moods, Behind the scenes and Technique, a talk by Poornima Makaram - 2010

Art of seeing – The Magical Light, Advanced Photo Workshop with Mahesh Bhat – 2010

Photography Expedition Agumbe Rainforest by Amoghavarsha – 2010


Copy of Flickr

Quotes penned by me 

Cameras are like pens, it’s the hands that hold them that really matter.
Without photography the memories fade faster.
Photography gives freedom to all the trapped souls.
Photography is an extension of the dreams that we see with our eyes.
Photography empowers you, for taking a shot you don't need to get approval from your boss.
Photographers are like rattlesnakes, all you hear is click – click – click.
Photography is a complex algorithm each shot is a culmination of efforts between the eye, the mind, the brain and the finger.
Photography is the nemesis to the oblivion that we show to the environment around us.

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