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Fighters Bombers Supersonic Jets


Made it a point to attend the Aero Show 2011 held in Bangalore. Was truly handicapped by the afternoon ‘above the head sun’ proving to be a tough light assistant. Was delighted to see the various countries showing off their machines and trying hard to win the bid for the upgrade of Indian Air Force’s Fighter Jets contract.


Witnessed the Cheetah Helicopters, Peacock Helicopters, Euro Fighter typhoon (my fav), Sukhoi, F16, F18, SAAB Passenger Jet, Sukhoi Passenger Jet, Red Bulls, Rafale.


The biggest cheer was for TEJAS. It is the World's smallest, single seater, multi role, combat fighter jet , which was included in the IAF on 10th January 2011. TEJAS is India's first fighter jet to be built indigenous  at home. The research and development on the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) is supposed to have began a decade ago.  Some issues were some foreign countries refused to share technology.


The latest news that I read a few days back was that the entire contract was given to European companies and not to the Americans causing a strain in the defense and economic relations – link


Coming back, have a look at the photographs, and yes please remember I was shooting with a 135 mm lens which was GROSSLY inadequate.


Vroom, zoom, zip till the next set of photographs.




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