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Biligiriranga Hills a.k.a BR Hills – 2 Wild Days



BR Hills – BR like the br tag in html which indicates break in line, here also there was a break to our lives, totally in the middle of the forests, oblivious to the existence of humans and their development, staying in log huts in a property without fences. 32 kms (via the Kannakapura route) of supreme driving in forest trails takes you to the gates of JLR K. Gudi. Another salient point of BR hills being it is at the confluence of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats and hence has both their flora,fauna and wildlife – double damakka to be precise. Anu & me had a superb timeout with my sister and CG thanks to their birthday gift @ JLR, couldn’t have asked for a wiser gift. Many first time sightings for me, I will not tell it out now, just glance through the photographs. A short selection of my favorite pictures are displayed here, while the entire set is available as a slideshow at the bottom of the post. I really loved the picture collection of this trip and hence didn’t want to distract you by writing too much :P



Brown Fish Owl

They have a decently small habitat range, we visited these guys over a period of 3 days and they were in an range of 100-200 meters from the same spot close to a small pond, fishes beware.

Brown Fish Owl

Brown fish owl

Brown Fish Owl - flight collage

Brown fish owl flight collage

Jungle Owlet

Jungle Owlet

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon

Yellow footed green pigeons

Group of Yellow Footed Green Pigeons at a salt marsh

Yellow footed green pigeons

One of my Favorites - Hoopoe


Serpent Eagle

Serpent Eagle

Serpent Eagle

White Cheeked Barbet

White Cheeked Barbet


Spotted Deer

Spotted Deer Look

Sambar Eating


Elusive and Shy Barking Deer

Barking Deer

Wild Boar and its Piglets

Wild Boar and Piglets

Piglets Playing


Majestic Tiger - A Lifer


Tiger Injured by a Deer / Sambar horn

Tiger in its habitat

Tiger in its habitat

Plants, Trees

Cactus with lots of sprouts


Snake Vine Plant

Snake Vine - Plant

Blue Skies and a Dried Tree

Blue Skies

JigSaw pieces - Corcodile Bark Tree

JigSaw Pieces


Southern Bird Wing [flight] - one of the largest butterflies

southern bird wing in flight

Spider with its egg

Spider with its egg

Crab Spider

Crab Spider

Wonders of the Insect Kingdom


Wonderful Bug

Caterpillar with Weapons


Twin Tailed Spider

Twin tailed spider

Debris Spider

Debris Spider



Flying Lizard / Flying Draco

Flying Lizard / Draco

Garden Lizard


Spot me

Baby Green Keelback - Loved seeing it

Green Keelback - Juvenile


Layers of Vegetation & Peaks

Layers of Hills

BR Hills

BR Hills

A lake bang in the middle of the forest


4 in 1 - 2 Terrapins, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Pond Heron

4 in 1



Sage of Medicine


Kids - Living in villages close to the forests

Kids of the forests

Anu & Me

Anu & Me

Monica & CG

Cg & Monics


Forest Trail

Forest trail

Gaur / Bison remains after a meal by the Big Cat

Gaur / Bison Remains

Gaur / Bison Remains


Ripples - Water & Plants

Leftovers after a bug's breakfast


What we are doing to the forests - edited

Destruction - edited

Thank You JLR

Jungle Lodges & Resorts

Photograph Set


The mystical mist and rain close to the log huts at JLR in BR Hills.

Do pass on your comments and critique liberally.


Monish Matthias


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