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Grow as a photographer - New Technique : Focus Stacking



As we grow as a photographer, one we have to earn new post processing techniques, new on the field techniques etc. I learn't this technique very recently. Observe this photograph and let me know what you see is different. What is odd?


Did you notice something different? If you had observed carefully you will notice a very glaring white line run across the picture top to bottom. This is because of the 'MANUAL' Focus stacking (also known as focal plane merging and z-stacking or focus blending or photo stacking) Where two pictures are cut and joined manually using any basic photo editing tool (even windows paint will work). But this technique though helps in getting super sharp images the merging is not spot on. Will share an image created using the same principle but with automatic mode on / using a tool to merge.


Now do you get the difference... If we were to use a software,


Focus Stacking using software, see the effects and the stacking line disappears as well. How is it? Here is the article I referred to and learn't -

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