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Cover Image of a Novel



Great news coming up.

The Lotus and the Storm - A Novel by Lan Cao and published by Viking / Penguin Books. The book was released on August 14th in a worldwide release.

So what's the great news…

The cover image of the book, a novel is an image shot by me. The lotus candle was bought in Sri Lanka and gifted to Anu. And the photograph was made during a electricity less night in JP Nagar battling boredom, sweating buckets and swatting mosquitoes as well ( with the folded newspaper bundles - the days of no inverter and generators).

Penguin books, USA found this image as a compelling image to complement the great novel by Lan Cao.



Cover Image  - Penguin

A cover image of a novel by a great publisher - tick.

And yes find a mention on wikipedia as well – tick.


Here is the image,

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin

Cover Image  - Penguin

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